This document was last updated in June 2019.

This list of questions is meant to set your mind at ease as you prepare to send your son or daughter off to high school in the fall. See the Freshmen FAQs for more of the nitty-gritty of ninth grade. These questions are simply a proactive measure to get you from June to September.

In MHS, subject area classrooms are grouped together. For example, all English classes are in the same general area. All science classes are in the same general area. Some classes include a mix of students from all four grades. Generally, core ninth grade subjects are homogeneous classes (all ninth graders).

There are three lunch blocks. All three blocks are a mix of all four grades. Individual student lunch blocks vary by day. Generally, grades sit together in the cafeteria.

Lunches work similar to MVMMS although there are slightly more choices of what to buy. Many kids pack, many kids buy lunch.

Your student will receive school supply lists during the first week of school. Generally, teachers are fairly flexible with the materials that work best for each student. For example, one student might like to use a three ring binder, while another prefers spiral notebooks.

You can find the summer homework here: If you have a question about the summer work, email MHS department heads or the MHS Principal,

All student schedules are on Aspen on the Schedule tab. The High School and Middle School follow the same 7 day schedule of class blocks A-G (six blocks per day).

There will be a freshman orientation in late August.  This will include a building tour. On the first day of school there will be students and staff in the hallways directing students during all passing periods.

The summer reading is selected with great care by the Director of Humanities. Age appropriateness is a key factor in selection. However, if you do not feel comfortable with the content or subject matter, email Ms. Singer ( for an alternative plan.

 If summer homework proves too difficult, your student may be inappropriately placed in a class. Contact the MHS Principal ( to discuss.

A student may withdraw from a course with no penalty and no record of his/her presence in the course if s/he does so within the first four weeks for a full-year course and the first 2 weeks for a semester course.  Students are also responsible for making up ALL work for the new course they are entering. In the case of level changes, the existing grade from the sending class will be carried forward and adjusted for level. Encourage your student to talk to their teacher immediately if s/he is struggling with the work of an AP Class.

Freshman Seminar is a required course for all freshmen at MHS. It meets every other day and focuses on the transition from middle to high school. The class provides an opportunity to use and master Google Apps, Chromebooks, and Noodle Tools, communication skills, and note-taking software that works with Google Apps.

 The MHS principal (,  assistant principals (,, and department directors are available during the summer.

Although each sport varies, in most cases, there is some commitment, either practice or games, during school breaks. The commitment to a team is most serious at the Varsity level.

Students must wear athletic shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt for gym class.

The dress code and other policies can be found in the Student Handbook & Code of Conduct:

Dress code is designed to allow for student comfort while maintaining an environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the educational setting. Clothing that creates disruption or disorder within the school is not allowed. Clothing should properly cover the body and not distract from the learning process. Midriff exposure, low hanging pants are not allowed. Stomachs and undergarments should not be visible. Students are not allowed to wear hats, hoods, or sunglasses in the building during school hours. *With the exception of religious observance.

The school building doors open at 6:45am, though the library (i.e., Learning Commons) typically opens around 7:00am.  Breakfast is served at 7:55am in the cafe.

Currently the MHS Learning Commons closes around 4:30pm, though the time can vary day to day.  It typically closes earlier on Fridays. The administration is working on establishing consistent hours and personnel for the afternoons.

MHS recognizes that students do have reasons to access their phones during the day. Many students work after school and occasionally need brief communication with employers. For this reason, and because we appreciate that as students mature, it is important that they learn to manage distractions, phones may be used in hallways between classes. If a teacher or administrator feels a student is abusing the policy, we will work one on one to ensure use of a phone is not a detriment to school work.  

The MHS website, Student handbook and Program of Studies are great resources of information. MHS Principal Jason Merrill sends parent emails weekly.  The PTO also sends emails about news and extra curricular activities.

The MHS PTO is primarily focused on communicating information to parents of MHS students. Although we do ask for contributions in the beginning of the school year, there is very little need for volunteerism. However, if you have a passion that you’d like to bring to the PTO, we will support you in finding like-minded parents to work with you! Email