As of September 2019, Melrose Public School start and end times are:
● Elementary Schools: 8:03 to 2:10
● Secondary Schools (MVMMS and MHS): 8:15 to 2:41

To find your student’s daily schedule, log in to Aspen and navigate to Family, Student, and then click on Schedule. There are six blocks in a school day. Lunch block is fourth block.

  • On non-flex days, blocks are one hour in length (with the exception of the first block which is two minutes longer for daily announcements).
  • Lunch block is approximately 20 minutes each day and varies daily depending upon your student’s schedule:
    • first lunch: lunch for 20 minutes and then class for an hour.
    • second lunch: class for 30 minutes, lunch for 20, then class for 30 minutes.
    • third lunch: class for an hour and then lunch for 20 minutes.
  • On flex days, blocks are 55 minutes in length and lunch is adjusted accordingly.